Dry Tortugas — An Exquisite Adventure

“That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best – make it all up – but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way.” — Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway might have imagined these islands before he made his way over to it but he discovered the exquisiteness and marvels of Dry Tortugas in 1928. He spent his time there indulging in his many passions.

A luxury charter through these islands could very well make them the yacht cruise that becomes the standard by which every other trip gets measured. Islands full of incredible stories, a history that is still palpable when visiting Jefferson fort, which is still standing to this day, and has you wondering about everything that happened there and how the islands were shaped by it. An impressive and remarkable historical monument that can’t be missed.

What also can’t be overlooked is the azure gently rolling waves that are calling out to you to go snorkeling and discover the splendor and exquisiteness that is hidden below the surface. You won’t find any loud noises, stress or discomfort on the island… just beautiful sandy secluded beaches and the imagery that pirates would have stopped here along their travels and what they might have buried in the sand. The islands themselves are truly secluded as they can only be reached by plane or boat.

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Key West — Get the presidential treatment
while you get to see a real living coral barrier reef up close

President Truman couldn’t wait to get out of Washington and go visit his Little White house in Key West. Even though he had to continue his presidential duties, he must have at least been mesmerized by the living coral barrier reef, shallow clear blue waters, and stunning views of the Atlantic ocean.

Key West is a magical place filled to the brim with all kinds of biological wonders: dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish, even reef sharks can be seen. But the main attraction is the fantastic coral barrier reef. The third largest living coral reef is a captivating beauty we have to treasure and protect. It’s a truly profound site to see and should be on your traveler’s list.

If you ever get tired of snorkeling, and you have been lounging around for a while on your beach bed, it might be time to get your blood flowing again and go kayaking, SUPing (just like Cameron Diaz likes to do), lobstering or fishing. After all that activity, it’s a good idea to wind down watching dolphins and turtles, which you can then discuss while you are sipping on a magnificent cocktail and stargazing at the beautiful night sky aboard your own luxury yacht.

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Marquesas Keys — A remote treasure island chain waiting for you to discover

The remoteness of the Marquesas Keys may mean that it has a more private feel to it and really exudes the private island glamour… idyllic beaches included. However, don’t mistake this glamorous lush feeling for something that might teeter on the brink of boring perfection. On the contrary, this uninhabited island group has some serious green emerald stacked on top of it — a luscious mangrove forest.

Not only is the mangrove forest an interesting and fascinating part of your luxury charter to the Marquesas Keys, the fact that a meteorite created the two-mile-wide lagoon might be even more oddly intriguing. A wonderfully isolated islet that is situated between Key West and the Dry Tortugas.

It might be considered “a distant edge of nowhere” but don’t be fooled into believing that that might be a bad thing. O contraire… the sea life surrounding the Marquesas Keys is fascinating and unimaginably exquisite. It has to be seen up close to truly take in all the sea life beauty that can be found there.

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Tampa — Art that inspires while taking in the sport’s scene and eating magnificently creative food

Unwinding doesn’t always mean hanging back and just enjoying the sites and working on your sun tan. (Which can be easily done in Tampa.) However, this city provides so much more than just a laid-back atmosphere. The food is talked about throughout the country. In Tampa, you can go as wild or as conservative with your foodie taste buds as your stomach will allow. From food trucks to out-of-the-box-thinking-farm-to-table gastropubs, and seafood so fresh it seems like it just jumped out of the water on your plate.

In addition to the foodie scene, there is also a vibrantly creative art community that will inspire you and leave you with a feeling of renewed vigor and positivity. There are many festivals, museums and impromptu art performances that will keep you on your toes. (As well as the many shopping opportunities that Tampa offers.)

In short, it’s a stunningly beautiful city that is even more breathtaking in person and will leave you wondering if you ever want to return home. Even if it was just because of the gorgeous weather, the inspiring atmosphere and no rushing anywhere atmosphere offer more than enough reasons to make Tampa part of your luxury yacht vacation plans.

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Egmont Key

content coming soon….

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Anna Maria Island

Where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, you will find a little piece of paradise that is the breathtaking barrier island of Anna Maria.  If what you are looking for is serenity, then look no further.  Allow the Caribbean turquoise waters of the secluded stretch of beach at Bean Point, a little local secret, to ease the mind and soothe the soul. You won’t even need to move your beach chair to catch a phenomenal sunset as this location has it all. Depending on the time of year that you schedule your charter, you may catch some manatees swimming as close as 10-15 feet off shore, as well as other local marine life, including dolphins and sting rays.

If you are not in the mood for a beach day, there is so much to see and do on the island. You can indulge in the art of the local artists at the many galleries located throughout the island, or learn about Anna Maria Island’s journey to the twenty-first century by spending an hour or two  at the Anna Maria Historical Society. From aquariums, museums, kayaking, parasailing, horseback riding, Segway tours, golf or fishing, Anna Maria Island has a vast array of activities to cater to your mood or personality type.

And speaking of variety, the award-winning, nationally-recognized restaurants, bistros, and cafes located on the island are a must! What better way to end the day than dinner and a cocktail at a waterside restaurant, while watching the spectacular Gulf sunset! Don’t forget to order the fresh catch of the day!

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